About The Crush List

Darling & Daring @ N°3 | Round Top, TX

I’m smitten with old things, pretty things, small ponds and their big fish, retired couples in travel trailers, food eaten outside, creators, collectors, trendsetters, pioneers and any sort of unexpected pleasure. It’s no wonder I love Round Top, Texas, and this is my place to share it with you.

If you have a Round Top crush you’d like me to meet, I’d love an introduction.  Email me at kelly@crushlistroundtop or use this form.

About The Crush List photography:  I shoot all of my own photos using my trusty iPhone 6 with a small bit of iPhoto enhancement.

And one more important note:  No blogger is an island, and I especially thank a few folks for helping me lay this project’s groundwork:  Eileen Lonergan, Kelly LaPlanteAdam Fortner and Donna Parker.  All four have shared their time and expertise and encouragement.  If you need any of that, you should look them up.

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