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Old World is the special sauce of decorating – a dollop adds a welcome kick to pretty much anything.


antoinette man

The Fall Antiques Show is just over a month away and it’s time to start getting our shopping muscles into shape.  This is exactly like when it’s time to start doing extra lunges to get ready for ski season.   Work, yes, but no one wants to hobble around Beaver Creek all week and the same applies to Round Top.  (PS/BTW,  I know you don’t come here for physical fitness advice, but I am loving my newfound Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies on YouTube workouts.)

Now on to the task at hand.  Let’s use these photos of Antoinette’s beautiful A. Vincent booth to practice one of the most critical skills for shopping a massive show like Round Top; seeing the trees for the forest.  Flabby shoppers often dismiss a forest – a booth or a display area or even an entire field – because when they look at it, it doesn’t seem to be their style.  That’s not good.  Successful shoppers have honed their ability to look into a display, not just at a display.

Want to try it?  OK here we go:  You Mid-century Modsters and you Texas Tuscans and you Clean Contemporaries and you Cottage Shabbies, look into this forest of seemingly Old World European photos and find your tree – the item that would complement your design style beautifully.  Go!

antoinette boy

antoinette carved and green

antoinette hat forms

antoinette cloak

antoinette flowers

Admit it.  That was fun!  My tree?  The row of white feathers in the top photo.  Yours?

antoinette holy couple




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