On The Crush List because…

We love a parade!

July 4 Los Patrones

Round Top’s historic Fourth of July parade and Rifle Hall celebration are exactly as wonderful as you’d expect.  If you want to go next year and you really want to do it right, my suggestion is to think of it as a tailgating situation and have yourself an all-out patriotic pop-up-tent party. If you’re really ambitious you could even look into joining the parade.  I have no idea how one goes about about entering their float or horse or  tractor or motorized La Z Boy recliner. If you find out and it’s easy, let me know and I’ll deck out the minivan Crush List style.

July 4 Wide

July 4 Announcer

July 4 Baseball

July 4 Lazy Boy

July 4 Veterens

July 4 Paper Presidents

July 4 County Queen

July 4 Dancing Horse

July 4 Little Cowboy

July 4 Cannon

July 4 Cake Wheel

That’s a cake wheel.  Cake wheels pop up more than you’d expect around here.  Canned peaches and polka bands too.

July 4 Peaches

July 4 Sack O' Sacks

July 4 Bud LIte and Horn

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