On The Crush List because…

Y’all need to stop in here for a burger.  No joke.

204 W. Thigpen Street right along the north side of 290 in Carmine

RG Yummy Burger

OK.  For those of you not sure this kind of lunch spot is in your comfort zone, here’s the step by step.

Step 1. Enter and feel the pleasure of some nice A/C.

RG Wide

Step 2.  Check out the menu.  No need for double meat unless you need double meat.  You’ll notice the enthusiastic lack of onion rings, fries and tator tots, so cruise the bountiful chip aisle instead.

RG Menu

Step 3.  Specify any fixin’ issue you may have.  Mine’s always ‘no onion.’

P.S. Those good looking tomatoes remind me of a story.  We once bought moments-off-the-farm produce from a guy parked out front.  He wasn’t parked to sell produce, he was just inside hanging out, but we saw his stash in the back of his station wagon and he didn’t mind selling us some.

RG Cook

Step 4.  Take care of any personal business you might have.

RG Restrooms Sign

Step 5.  Start in on your beverage.  These are for the non-drivers, of course.

RG Beverage

Step 6.  Say a quick hello to the guys hanging out and then linger to watch them play speed dominoes until you feel rude.

RG Domino

Step 7.  Pay for your meal and read up on the local goings on.

RG Bean Bag

Step 8.  Go back to the grill and watch your delicious handmade patty finish up.

RG Burger Griddle

RG Serving Burger Up

Step 9.  Take that sweet baby back to the car and eat it while driving.  Easy peasy.

RG Burger in Paper


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